Happy International World Mental Health Day

Well its International World Mental Health Day and I say lets have these days EVERY FUCKING day of the year. Now I’m all for raising awareness, today we will be bombarded with unheard stories from celebs or people who have struggled with their mental health, hoping to encourage people to come forward and seek support. But there is still a massive stigma around “not being ok” or “having a bad day”. 

I do it and i’m sure you do, I see a obscure post on facebook,  “I’m soooo fucking angry” never sharing the reason why, then a friend pops up, “whats up?” or “you ok?” then the reply is “i’ll in box ya”.

I’m of the opinion, that is you have a problem and you want to share it, say it, then SAY IT! because if you dont all you will be labled as is an “attention seeking twat” but isnt that being judgmental too? isn’t it just another way of telling someone, anyone “your not ok”. Sometime’s though mate dealing with ya problems on social media aint going to help.

How many times have you wanted to question something, say something but havent, fearing that what you might say will make you unpopular, I know I fucking have, and I know I will always live with that fear everytime i open me gob!

Alot of this can be attributed to the fact that we have soooo many messages thrown at us, every friggin minute, telling us whats socially acceptable or whats not. Alot of people have lost the ability to think for themselves. I get sooo frustrated when i seeing people buying into consumerism, materialism and moralistic consumerism, just accepting everything that they read or see is fact, chasing the fucking dream!, then getting pissed off because they chased it, invested in it and still didnt feel better!

And I get it, its easier to be like that, because if you did question something, you run the risk of being judged, laughed at, dis-regarded, dismissed or being “differant”  And no fucker likes rejection do they?

But heres some facts

Rejection is all around us, we dont always get our own way, we can’t have everything that we want

We will never be able to educate fuckwits, we are surrounded by narcissist and there will always be people who have differant opinions than us.

We will always live with fear, its natural, its what makes us human, you cannot run away from it, because it lives in you.

We cannot change everything we dont like, but we can work on changing ourselves,

And another fact… We are all going to die, YES it comes to us all, now i dont know about you, but i’m going out on a bang,

I care enough about me, to not give a fuck about people who dont get me, as long as I GET ME, thats all that matters, you get one chance at life and I for one and going to make the fucking most of it and on MY terms.

Happy Mental Health Day

Love Fordy xxx



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